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Better merchant services for restaurants, cafes or bars

No matter what type of food and beverage establishment you run, Fattmerchant offers every payment processing solution. Whether your customers order at the counter or online, we’ve got your point of sale completely covered. From mobile payment options to POS integration and more, swiping cards and ringing up orders has never been easier. The country’s lowest rates and amazing technology make us the clear choice.

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Payment processing savings you’ll savor

Serve your customers, and your business too. Your store could save over 40% on credit card processing by switching to Fattmerchant restaurant merchant services. Locked in contracts and huge processing costs don’t have to be the norm. We cut out the markups and hidden fees so that you’ll only ever pay the true cost of payment processing, along with a low, fixed cost per transaction.

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Not all merchant services are created equal

Banks and other ISOs will lock you into contracts, tack on markups and sneak fees into your monthly statement. Fattmerchant is changing the game with a full-service, completely transparent flat-rate model that gives our clients everything they need to process payments, without the hassle and confusion.

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Save over 40% on credit card processing

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