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Our suite of payment processing solutions make booking any stay effortless. Book rooms in person or over the phone with our virtual terminal, or give your guests the power to pay for their stay online with our secure ecommerce checkout. Whether your guest pays upon arrival or in advance, Fattmerchant has all of the tools and integrations you need to book rooms with ease.

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Give your business VIP treatment, without the premium rates. We want to see your hotel succeed and make more off of each booking. That’s why we save you as much as we can when it comes to credit card processing. By cutting out markups and hidden fees, you could save over 40 percent each month when you use Fattmerchant.

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Not all merchant service providers are created equal. Banks and other ISOs will lock you into contracts, tack on markups and sneak fees into your monthly statement. Along with award winning service, Fattmerchant is changing the game with a full-service, completely transparent subscription model. We give our clients the tools they need to process payments, without the hassle and confusion.

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