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User-Friendly Analytics Dashboard

Display all of your earnings in one place and gain instant insight into the health of your business.

Invoicing Made Easy

Send invoices with line item details, requesting payment through email and allow customers to view and pay online with either a bank or credit card payment method. Work on invoices in draft mode, send later, and track the viewed / paid status.

Simplified Recurring Payments

Empower your business to retain customers with automatic recurring payments and subscriptions. Easily schedule payments ahead of time, and allow clients to add a saved payment method to their recurring billing to help streamline payment collection. 

Simple Website Payment Pages

Public payment links for your emails or website. Create general use payment links for your customers to pay any amount. Embed them on your website or within emails to simplify the collection of payments.

Easily Manage Customer Records

Create new customer records, update existing ones, and manage payment methods all from one place. Auto-fill important information when running a transaction and are automatically shown again when running a new transaction, so there is nothing to think about.

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